Awards & Recognition
Various competitions I've placed in, plus a few other places my work's shown up.

Astral Claws (Space Marine) Captain (Bartertown, 2012 Best in show)
Blood Angels (Space Hulk) Dead Terminator Captain (CoolMiniOrNot: 2014 Annual)
Coppellius (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest 2013, 1st pl. Monster)
Dreamer (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest 2015, 2nd pl. Mage)
Mr. Graves (Wyrd: Frozen Moments 2015, 1st pl. misc)
Golden Eyed King (Kingdom Death Phoenix) (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest, 2015 1st pl. Monster)
(Chaos Space Marine) Helldrake (CoolMiniOrNot: 2014 Annual)
I Go Walking After Midnight (Voodoo crew) (Wyrd: frozen Moments 2015, 1st. pl. group)
Jealousy (Weaver Widow & Mannequin) (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest 2013, 1st pl. Diorama, Best base, Best in show)
(Nightmare Edition) Lord Chompy Bits (Dakka Dakka: 2012 Best in show; CoolMiniOrNot: 2013 Annual)

Studio Painting
Freelance work done for studios.

Garage Gaming ("Code Zero" setting): Anazi Scouts
Deadsculpt (bust & 54mm "Ater" display line): KoorgIgnava, InanisLascivia, Pavor
Erebus ("Veil Fall" setting): Death Guard

Personal Collection
While I'm not illustrating a graphic novel, doing freelance design, or working on your commissions, I occasionally find time for painting my own minis, too. As I catalogue my collection and paint new pieces, I'll be filling in these areas (hence, some are just names, not links).

Note that, if there's something you like here, I'd be happy to reproduce a piece for you, and may be able to tell you how I did it (if I'm able to remember).

Collections marked with asterisks (*) are specifically for sale (** are sold). If you really want an unmarked collection, I may be willing to part with it, and will definitely be willing to reproduce the paint job.

Note on categories: Board Games and miniature games have pretty much blurred in recent years, but I'm generally using the rule of thumb that I'll list it as a board game if it tends towards fixed scenarios and is played on a board. Kingdom Death is the notable exception due to the sprawling format and emphasis on customization... honestly, this is just a pretty subjective decision.

Miniature Games
Arena Rex
Ludus Magnus: Urbicus, Lupa, Hermes
Zephyri: Vargr, Frigge, Bjarrhvit

Dark Souls
See Board Games

Deathwatch: Overkill
See Board Games

Circle **
Minions Part 1, Gatormen
Trollbloods (parts 4+ incl. battle reports)**: Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4 (incl group shot)  Part 4.5 (minions), Part 5

-Corregidor: Alguacils & Brigada
-Generic: Spektr

-Military Order: Fusiliers

Kingdom Death
Core Group Shot

Survivors: Starting Survivors1st heroes, Rawhide Archer, Bone Earrings, Twilight Knight, Leather + Screaming armor sets, Phoenix set, People of the StarsWarlord Armor modification
Quarries: White LionPhoenix, Screaming Antelope, Gorm
Nemeses: Butcher, The Hand, Tyrant, King's Man
Boss Fights: Watcher, Retinue
Promos: AlisonMessenger of the First Story (Chrono Trigger Ayla), Holiday White Speaker, Adam & Anna, Kara Black & Silver Antelope (Sedition Wars crossover), Candy & Cola (Soda Pop crossover), Messenger of the Spiral Path (Gurren Lagann Kamina), Messenger of Humanity (Berserk Guts + Casca)
Pinups: SaviorGreat Game Hunter, Twilight Knight, Rawhide Dame + Forsaker, Dragon Sacrifice
Terrain (plaster casting): first castings, bases & column castings

-Rasputina Crew**
-Mei Feng Crew: Mei & totem, Kang & Rail WorkersGamin & Soulstone Miner, Rail Golem

-Dead Justice (see Resurrectionists)
-Justice Crew
-Lucius: Core Crew, Mimics

-Ortega Crew: Perdita, Niño, Francisco, Nephilim
-Sonnia Criid: Core crew & Avatar, re-done Witchlings + Sam**

-Dreamer crew: (NE) Lord Chompy Bits, Weaver Widow, Coppellius & Daydreams, Dreamer
-Lucius crew (see Guild)
-Lynch: Core crew, Mimics, Tannen & Graves
-Pandora Crew: Sorrows
-Zoraida crew (see Gremlins)

-Seamus Crew
-McMourning/Body Snatchers Crew **
-Kirai Crew*
-Misc. Western: Dead Justice, Punk Zombie etc., Forgotten Marshal + Bête Noire
-Tara Crew (see Outcasts)

-Tara: continuing crew pics and tactics article(NE) Nothing Beast(NE) Core crew + Dead Marshals, Revised Karina, Hannah conversion, Friekorps Librarian conversion, (also see Misc. Western Ressers)
-Viktorias crew **
-Friekorps: Strongarm
-misc. mercs: Johan, Sue + some gunslingers (redone), Montresor,

-Zoraida & co.
-Easter pieces (Slop Hauler, Rooster Rider)

Ten Thunders
-Lynch Crew (see Neverborn)
-Mei Feng Crew (see Arcanists)

-Modular sewer board: WIP 1, WIP 2
-Hanging Tree

Space Hulk
See Board Games

Warhammer 40,000
Astral Claws (also see Tyrant's Legion and Tiger Claws) 
HQ: Corien Sumatriscaptain
Elites: Command Squad (vets, Apothecary, Ancient/Standard, Champion), Assault Terminators, Mortis Dreadnought
Troops: Tactical Squad, Combat SquadSniper Scouts
Transports: Drop Pod, Las/Plas Razorback
Fast: Bike Squad, Storm Talon
Heavy Support: 2nd ed Predator, Devastators

Blood Angels/Lamenters
Blood Angels Terminators (see Space Hulk)
Lamenters: test assault marine

Misc. Chaos
Chaos Daemons: Herald of Khorne
Cypher & the Fallen Angels: test miniDark Angels test mini
Death Guard: test mini
Tzeentch non-marines (see Silver Tower)
Night Lords (see Night Lords)

(See Deathwatch: Overkill)

Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum/Tyrant's Legion
Elite: Storm Trooper test

Night Lords
HQ: Terminator Lord
Troops: test miniCSM squads 1 & 2, Chaos Cultists
Transports: Rhino
Heavy: Obliterators

Tiger Claws (Rogue Trader minis only)**
HQ: Company Champion/CaptainMaster of the Forge
Elites: Sternguard
Troops: Tactical
Heavy: Devastators

Genestealers (see Space Hulk), Genestealer Cult (see Deathwatch: Overkill)

Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar
Daemons of Chaos
(see Misc. Chaos)

(Also see Silver Tower, below)

Warhammer Quest
See Board Games

Cygnar (with commentary)
-Full Gallery (without commentary)
-Butcher & MoW's, Sorscha & Greylords, Vlad & Iron Fangs
-Widowmakers, Manhunter, Juggernaut
Mercenaries & Minions:
-Magnus painting blog Parts 12345, 6, 7
-Magnus theme list pics & tactics (collected/continuing)
-Alexia Ciannor + Risen*
Protectorate of Menoth:
-army **

Board Games
Dark Souls
Basic Baddies: Hollows (Soldier, Large, Crossbow)
Player Characters: core (Assassin, Herald, Knight, Warrior)
Mini-bosses: Gargoyle, Titanite Demon

Deathwatch: Overkill
Genestealer Cult
Color Test, Hybrids + Aberrants

Killteam Cassius
Ultra Marines, Dark Angel + Blood Angel

Kingdom Death
See Miniature Games

Baddies: Crawlers, Orcs, Yardu
Heroes: Apprentice, ArcherBrigand, Soldier, Acolyte

Puppet Wars**
Arcanists: complete set
Resurrectionists: complete set (and reshot on black), original paint job

Sedition Wars
Vanguard: test modelmain box infantry, Corpsman Vade, Operator Nama, Incinerator Vade & Damaged AkoshaCmdr.s Kara Black, BarkerOpticamo VanguardNikitta, Sgt. Ramirez, Strategic Points, Aphid Loader Barker & repainted Samaritans
Strain: test model, main box infantry, GrendlrCthonian, display Grendlr, Strategic points & Bone Crabs, Cthonian Assault Drone, display Cthonian
Firebrand: Niven Banks, Alt. Vokker dargu & Jade Lily
Independents: Dr. Ridley, Dr. PhaedrusKeegan Kor
Terrain: Scratch built tram
Misc. SMV minis: Jetgirl, Survivor kara Black & Grendlr (Kingdom Death crossover)

Space Hulk
Blood Angels: Dead Captain, Squad 1 (1st half & C.A.T., 2nd half/full), Squad 2 (1st half, 2nd half/full), Librarian & Lightning Claws
Gene Stealers: complete set and Brood Lord

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Silver Tower baddies
Grot ScuttlingsHorrors + AcolytesTzaangorsFamiliarsOgroid Thaumaturge,
Silver Tower Heroes
Sigmarite coreDwarf DoomseekerDarkoath Chieftain

Through the Breach