Awards & Recognition
Various competitions I've placed in, plus a few other places my work's shown up.

Astral Claws (Space Marine) Captain (Bartertown, 2012 Best in show)
Blood Angels (Space Hulk) Dead Terminator Captain (CoolMiniOrNot: 2014 Annual)
Coppellius (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest 2013, 1st pl. Monster)
Dreamer (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest 2015, 2nd pl. Mage)
Mr. Graves (Wyrd: Frozen Moments 2015, 1st pl. misc)
Golden Eyed King (Kingdom Death Phoenix) (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest, 2015 1st pl. Monster)
(Chaos Space Marine) Helldrake (CoolMiniOrNot: 2014 Annual)
I Go Walking After Midnight (Voodoo crew) (Wyrd: frozen Moments 2015, 1st. pl. group)
Jealousy (Weaver Widow & Mannequin) (Wyrd: Rotten Harvest 2013, 1st pl. Diorama, Best base, Best in show)
(Nightmare Edition) Lord Chompy Bits (Dakka Dakka: 2012 Best in show; CoolMiniOrNot: 2013 Annual)

Studio Painting
Freelance work done for studios.

Garage Gaming ("Code Zero" setting): Anazi Scouts
Deadsculpt (bust & 54mm "Ater" display line): KoorgIgnava, InanisLascivia, Pavor
Erebus ("Veil Fall" setting): Death Guard

Personal Collection
While I'm not illustrating comics, studying, or working on your commissions, I occasionally find time for painting my own minis, too.

Note that, if there's something you like here, I'd be happy to reproduce a piece for you, and may be able to tell you how I did it (if I'm able to remember).

Collections marked with asterisks (*) are specifically for sale (** are sold). If you'd like a collection I haven't marked as for sale, I may be willing to part with it, and will definitely be willing to reproduce the paint job.

Note on categories: Board Games and miniature games have pretty much blurred in recent years, but I'm generally using the rule of thumb that I'll list it as a board game if it tends towards fixed scenarios and is played on a board. Kingdom Death is the notable exception due to the sprawling format and emphasis on customization... honestly, this is just a subjective decision.

Miniature Games
Arena Rex
Ludus Magnus: Urbicus, Lupa, Hermes
Zephyri: Vargr, Frigge, Bjarrhvit
Beasts: Leo

The Batman Miniatures Game

Dark Souls
See Board Games

Deathwatch: Overkill
See Board Games

Minions Part 1, Gatormen
Trollbloods (parts 4+ incl. battle reports): Part 1, Part 2Part 3, Part 4 (incl group shot)  Part 4.5 (minions), Part 5

-Corregidor: Alguacils & Brigada
-Generic: Spektr

-Military Order: Fusiliers

Kingdom Death
Core Group Shot
False Messengers Group Shot
Medium Expansions: Gorm Group Shot, Spidicules group shot
Small Expansions: Lion Knight Group, Lonely Tree

Survivors: Starting Survivors1st heroes, Rawhide Archer, Bone Earrings, Twilight Knight, Leather armor, Phoenix set, Screaming ArmorPeople of the StarsWarlord Armor modification, Dancer + Brawler armorGorment Armor, Silk armor
Quarries: White LionPhoenix, Screaming Antelope, Gorm, Spidicules, Dragon King
Nemeses: Butcher, The Hand, Tyrant, King's Man, Manhunter, Lion Knight, Lonely Tree
Boss Fights: Watcher, Retinue, Dragon King, Gold Smoke Knight
Promos: AlisonMessenger of the First Story (Chrono Trigger Ayla), Holiday White Speaker, Adam & Anna, Kara Black & Silver Antelope (Sedition Wars crossover), Candy & Cola (Soda Pop crossover), Messenger of the Spiral Path (Gurren Lagann Kamina), Messenger of Humanity (Berserk Guts + Casca), Aya & Beyond the Wall**, White Speaker & Snow the Savior, Messenger of Courage (LoZ Link)
Pinups: SaviorGreat Game Hunter, Twilight Knight, Rawhide Dame + Forsaker, Dragon Sacrifice, Silk Assassin, Twilight Witch
Terrain (plaster casting): first castings, bases & column castings

-Rasputina Crew**
-Mei Feng Crew: Mei & totem, Kang & Rail WorkersGamin & Soulstone Miner, Rail Golem

-Dead Justice (see Resurrectionists)
-Justice Crew
-Lucius: Core Crew, Mimics

-Ortega Crew: Perdita, Niño, Francisco, Nephilim
-Sonnia Criid**: Core crew & Avatar, re-done Witchlings + Sam

-Dreamer crew: (NE) Lord Chompy Bits, Weaver Widow, Coppellius & Daydreams, Dreamer
-Lucius crew (see Guild)
-Lynch: Core crew, Mimics, Tannen & Graves
-Pandora Crew: Sorrows
-Zoraida crew (see Gremlins)

-Seamus Crew
-McMourning/Body Snatchers Crew **
-Kirai Crew*
-Misc. Western: Dead Justice, Punk Zombie etc., Forgotten Marshal + Bête Noire
-Tara Crew (see Outcasts)

-Tara: continuing crew pics and tactics article(NE) Nothing Beast(NE) Core crew + Dead Marshals, Revised Karina, Hannah conversion, Friekorps Librarian conversion, (also see Misc. Western Ressers)
-Viktorias crew **
-Friekorps: Strongarm
-misc. mercs: Johan, Sue + some gunslingers (redone), Montresor,

-Zoraida & co.
-Easter pieces (Slop Hauler, Rooster Rider)

Ten Thunders
-Lynch Crew (see Neverborn)
-Mei Feng Crew (see Arcanists)

-Modular sewer board: WIP 1, WIP 2
-Hanging Tree

Space Hulk
See Board Games

Warhammer 40,000
Astral Claws (also see Tyrant's Legion and Tiger Claws) 
HQ: Corien Sumatris, Armenneus Valthexcaptain, Carnac Commodus, Lieutenant,
Elites: Command Squad (vets, Apothecary, Ancient/Standard, Champion), Assault Terminators, Mortis Dreadnought
Troops: Tactical Squads 1 & 2, Sniper Scouts
Transports: Drop Pod, Rhinos + Razorbacks
Fast: Bike Squad, Storm Talon
Heavy Support: 2nd ed Predator, Devastators

Blood Angels/Lamenters
Blood Angels Terminators (see Space Hulk)
Lamenters: test assault marine

Misc. Chaos (also see Blackstone Fortress)
Chaos Daemons: Herald of Khorne
Cypher & the Fallen Angels: test miniDark Angels test mini
Death Guard: test mini
Tzeentch non-marines (see Silver Tower)
Night Lords (see Night Lords)

Death Korps of Krieg
(See Imperial Guard)

(See Deathwatch: Overkill)

Genestealer Cult
(See Deathwatch: Overkill)

Misc. Imperial (also see Blackstone Fortress)
Assassins: Vindicare

Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum/Tyrant's Legion
Elites: Commissar
Troops: Infantry SquadStorm Trooper test

Night Lords
HQ: Terminator Lord
Troops: test miniCSM squads 1 & 2, Chaos Cultists
Fast: Raptors
Transports: Rhino
Heavy: Obliterators

Tiger Claws (Rogue Trader minis only)**
HQ: Company Champion/CaptainMaster of the Forge
Elites: Sternguard
Troops: Tactical
Heavy: Devastators

Genestealers (see Space Hulk), Genestealer Cult (see Deathwatch: Overkill)

Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar
Daemons of Chaos
(see Misc. Chaos)

(Also see Silver Tower, below)

Warhammer Quest
See Board Games

Cygnar (with commentary)
-Full Gallery (without commentary)
-Butcher & MoW's, Sorscha & Greylords, Vlad & Iron Fangs
-Widowmakers, Manhunter, Juggernaut
Mercenaries & Minions:
-Magnus painting blog Parts 12345, 6, 7
-Magnus theme list pics & tactics (collected/continuing)
-Alexia Ciannor + Risen*
Protectorate of Menoth:
-army **

Board Games
Dark Souls
Basic Baddies: Hollows (Soldier, Large, Crossbow), Silver Knights
Player Characters: core (Assassin, Herald, Knight, Warrior)
Mini-bosses: Gargoyle, Titanite Demon

Deathwatch: Overkill
Genestealer Cult
Color Test, Aberrants, Magus and Acolytes

Killteam Cassius
Ultra Marines, Dark Angel + Blood Angel, Salamander + Iron Hand

Starting Classes
Spellweaver, Cragheart & Mindthief, Scoundrel, Brute, Tinkerer + summons

Added classes
Sun, Lightning

Note: In respecting the Gloomhaven broader community, I describe non-core classes obliquely, though the class names are searchable.

Kingdom Death
See Miniature Games

Baddies: Crawlers, Orcs, Yardu
Heroes: Apprentice, ArcherBrigand, Soldier, Acolyte

Puppet Wars**
Arcanists: complete set
Resurrectionists: complete set (and reshot on black), original paint job

Sedition Wars
Vanguard: test modelmain box infantry, Corpsman Vade, Operator Nama, Incinerator Vade & Damaged AkoshaCmdr.s Kara Black, BarkerOpticamo VanguardNikitta, Sgt. Ramirez, Strategic Points, Aphid Loader Barker & repainted Samaritans
Strain: test model, main box infantry, GrendlrCthonian, display Grendlr, Strategic points & Bone Crabs, Cthonian Assault Drone, display Cthonian
Firebrand: Niven Banks, Alt. Vokker dargu & Jade Lily
Independents: Dr. Ridley, Dr. PhaedrusKeegan Kor
Terrain: Scratch built tram
Misc. SMV minis: Jetgirl, Survivor kara Black & Grendlr (Kingdom Death crossover)

Space Hulk
Blood Angels: Dead Captain, Squad 1 (1st half & C.A.T., 2nd half/full), Squad 2 (1st half, 2nd half/full), Librarian & Lightning Claws
Gene Stealers: complete set and Brood Lord

Super Dungeon Explore
Deeproot Scout (Wind Waker Link)

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower
Complete Collection

Silver Tower baddies
Gaunt Summoner, Ogriod Thaumaturge, Skaven AssassinsGrot ScuttlingsHorrors + AcolytesTzaangorsFamiliars,
Silver Tower Heroes
Sigmarite coreDwarf DoomseekerDarkoath Chieftain, Elves

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress
Janus Draik, Espern Lorcarno, Pious Vorne, Taddeus, Amalynn Shadowguide

Ur-Ghuls, Rogue Psykers, Sentry Drones, Obsidius Mallex & Black Legionnaires

Through the Breach

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