Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kinda' doin' a Robin Hood thing - Steamfitter Johan (updated with more angles)

Just a quick post today, with my first mercenary since I started repainting things with a white undercoat.

Johan needed some serious work, since I didn't really feel like it was appropriate for him to be waving around a pistol now that he no longer had one in his stat line. Also, I wanted to move away a bit form the medieval thing going on with his collar.

I decided I'd keep all my Outcasts pretty muted, with only Johan's hammer as a source of much color. He originally had jeans, but it looked too much like he was coordinating with his Relic Hammer.

Someone pointed out that there weren't good angles of the coat thing I'd done on Johan, which was completely true, so here they are.

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