Monday, December 9, 2013

I AM the Law! Justice Crew, version 2

Sorry, guys, not actually much of a Judge Dredd fan, though it does have some great one-liners.

I put together another Justice crew some time ago, but, unlike my recent revision of Rasputina, this one was from scratch. I had decided shortly before mkII was announced that I really preferred my work with a white undercoat (previously I used black, now I rarely do), and my painted Malifaux collection was small enough that I wanted to start from scratch.

Justice got a fairly out of proportion epic base- I'd eventually like to clean it up a little because I rushed some of the highlights and blending, but I think it has a fun look to it.

I've never been a fan of the original Judge model. However, some time ago, I ran across someone who had a partial Dead Justice crew, so I grabbed it and cleaned the Judge up and fixed his coat, bandanna, boot, shades, and leg.

While the new poses are great on the plastic crew, I generally wasn't a big fan of the details: the Judge's pilgrim hat was pretty odd, and Justice turned into some sort of ninja girl who was half the size and age of the original, and with less clothes.

I did, however, like the Scales of Justice's mask, and thought it was a good way of covering up an oversized and kind of weird face.

The Death Marshals are my favorite models in the crew, and some of my favorite early Malifaux sculpts in general. I got this crew in trade, and it was missing a couple arms, so I did some minor conversions. I'm particularly happy with how the completely OSL Marshal came out.

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