Tuesday, September 1, 2015

If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em - Astral Claws Bikes

I resisted these guys for a long time, but they're so damn useful, and even have fluff/mechanics connected to Astral Claws. So, yeah... I eventually caved.

Fortunately enough, though, I waited long enough that eventually there was no longer the 5-man threshold for squads as troop choices, so I took 4 (2 bodies to provide meat shields covering fire for those tasty, tasty Grav Guns), and will probably do a second unit of 4 down the line (to cover 2 troops, or both fast slots if I ever build up to a company.

Also, I'm pretty happy that bikes did finally see some use after they were mechanically trash in 3rd edition: With a more reasonable cost, it means they're nice, highly mobile gun platforms that are generally poor once they actually engage, which seems right, and than the aforementioned Grav pushed them to premium anti-infantry that also had no chance of blowing themselves up.

I decided that the Ravenwing guys were nice, but way too blinged-out for regular troopers, so their regular troopers became my veterans. They're also a nice little nod to the Astral Claws origins that's hinted at more than a little through their more recent chapter tactics in addition to the prior note that Dark Angels were a possible predecessor.

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