Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sword 'n' Board - Gloomhaven Inox Brute

The Inox Brute's pose needed some attention...

I didn't think to take a pic, and there were surprisingly few unpainted versions when I did a basic image search. So, here's a pretty low-fi version of the "pee dance" pose, as my group dubbed it. His torso was bizarrely long, which meant that the legs were proportionally very short, and the narrow pose didn't help.

He's also got the same problems the [sun class] did, regarding some strange posing decisions for his arm. I'd have done something like the Dark Souls Warrior or... actually... all of their starting classes had better ideas for single-piece PVC board game pieces with shields. Also, I didn't like how high his shoulders were; they made the already-stiff pose look even more so.

Well, either way, here's the work my Inox took (this got slightly more refined between that and painting it). He's, uh, really tall, which I could have compensated for through cutting down his torso, but I decided that it wasn't worth the amount of sawing and sculpting involved. As with all of these guys, I took it as a bit of a challenge, to try to keep it entirely within game components or sculpting. He was definitely the most difficult of the starting classes to get into a place that satisfied me.

On the actual class, this was the fifth of the core classes my group played; once my spouse figured out how to manage his health (i.e. nothing's that much of a tank in Gloomhaven... at least, not without some passive shields like some baddies have), he ran pretty smoothly—with a little extra flare, for a conventional fighter.

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