Thursday, September 12, 2013

Readings, in front and behind - Sedition Wars terrain, part 1

I've done a number of terrain projects over the years, and realized that they're most often the projects I get distracted by mid-process, so I wanted to start small with this one.

The tram was the obvious modest place to start. Well, almost. I decided to make it entirely out of plasticard (except for some blister packs for the windows and doors, and magnets), which proved to be pretty tricky. I'd never worked so heavily in plasticard, and didn't get it to behave perfectly, particularly with the difficult bend on the front of each piece, but I'm still pretty satisfied with the results.

I ended up making the doors entirely out of blister material, masking off the window sections, and they're magnetized along the bottom to easily be removed.

The interiors marked off in a rough grid, and the various blocking corners and windows are stylized a little, but I decided that I'm going to personally use a purely grid-based line of sight (when using these in Sedition Wars) so am not too worried.

I removed the benches for practicality, and was considering sticking in poles to hold on to, but ultimately decided it would be too difficult to move larger models through the space. Also, the doors have windows (because I've never been on a train or tram that didn't have windows in its main doors) and I decided that the cars had a clear front and back with a door linking them, because it just felt too weird for two adjacent cars to not connect (conveniently, the doors have windows, so they're still kind of right for representing windows on both ends)

My favorite shot I took, which I eventually edited just a little for fun, to make it look a bit more cinematic or somethin'...

Next (if there is a next, I'm not positive), I'll be expanding to the train tiles, and out from there based on the fewest number of tiles needed to expand to another scenario...

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  1. Battle Systems will be doing a Kickstarter soon for 3D chipboard Sci-Fi terrain. That's what I intend to use for my main Sedition Wars terrain. But they won't have trams.