Friday, February 21, 2014

Faces in the Void - Nightmare Edition Herald of Obliteration Crew, part 2

While I spent a long time deciding on the color scheme for the void beasties' paint jobs, it took me a long time figuring out Tara's model.

Like so.
The first step was easy- drill out the hole in her chest. Second, I wanted to give her more dimension to
her sword arm, so I repositioned it pointing forward rather than roughly parallel with her.

Finally... that claw arm. I just had no idea what to do with that. I think Wyrd was going for the classic Western look of a loosely ready arm before a duel, but it came across as "Look at my oversized hand!"

I tried repositioning it or trimming it down or replacing it with a smaller claw, and got nowhere. I decided to replace her arm entirely with a less monstrous though still spooky hand, holding her hat in another classic Western look.

I incorporated a bit of the Void look, and tried to get the sense that her hand might not be entirely visible, hence the look of it blending in to the hat.

Tara's loyal nutjob, totem, and enforcer, Karina, got a jade glove to tie her in with her Resser origins, while the white hand and off-white dress tied her in with Tara's theme. I may revise the look in the future, but she hasn't seen action yet, so she may just stay lonely in the case.

The Death Marshals from the Nightmare Edition "Dead Justice" version of Lady Justice's crew were awfully lonely before Tara came around.

The center Dead Marshal is possibly my favorite undead model in the whole line and one of my favorite undead models, period.

In contrast, I found the left one really goofy and probably spent the longest on him, simply trying to get his look right. I'm happy enough with the burnt coffin, but he's still my least favorite of any of Tara's crew.

The Right one is without a doubt the single most difficult single-piece model I've ever worked with, since those various impaling elements really don't like to stay put. I liked him quite a bit already, but felt that the spare pine box really cemented the look- the exaggerated and opposed tilt, clutter of stuff, and windy hair and coat going everywhere really gives me the feeling of one of those overly grim 90's comic covers.

Also, I changed the base style a bit to add contrast and definition, and repeated the change for my Void Wretches:

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