Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Man than Machine? Cthonian re-sculpt (also, Cthonian Assault Drone)

This has been a side project I've been working on ever since I finished my Grendlr conversion some time back. The Cthonian looks nice as a robot, but never really spoke to me as a giant evil pseudo-organic intelligence, which demanded a change.

The first step was a widened posture, a trick I first tried with the Avatar of Menoth to bulk out a similarly small model. He got a bunch of tubing, and a more organic carapace and weapon. Finally, he got some creepy infestation base work done (complete with a Samaritan being "processed").

So, my regular, old Cthonian will be doing duty as the Assault Drone variant, while this big guy will be my main evil AI.

Which reminds me, I never posted the assault drone modification. The helmet actually stays on without any adhesive or extra work. I'm pretty happy with this guy, but want to something extra with the big one (and probably fine tune the super-Grendlr while I'm at it).

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