Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Who the Hell Do You Think I Am? - Kingdom Death Forsakers

One of a few references I hadn't really encountered prior to the first Kingdom Death Kickstarter, I definitely hadn't recognized Kamina... thought he was some Final Fantasy character I didn't recognize. While Gurren Lagann isn't my favorite show ever, it's a pretty perfect reference for the setting.

In my many de-pinup-ified Kingdom Death Pinups, I thought the pinup forsaker looked like a complete badass, except who would ever think that 2 lengths of chain and a couple spikes were a good idea for a bra/armor, or would even stay put for 5 seconds?

So, she got some more plates on her chest/abdomen, and (it's a bit dark, but) a skirt around her pants form. Given the style, I'm using the mini as a Warlord Armor hybrid set from the Lion Knight expansion, though the new Gambler's Chest Butcher Armor also feels appropriate.

I decided to try a very dark color scheme for her, mostly just grey-blue highlights and some gold light starting around her crown.

While I'm on the subject of de-pinuped pinups, I also recently worked on an older model I'd already painted a bit- I still felt the Rawhide Dame's skin-tight pants basically work (I guess if I wanted to get fancy, she could have a belt or w/e), but the top was just too silly, so she got some sculpting so she didn't fly out of her, uh, corset shelf?

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