Friday, October 10, 2014

Feelin' Blue - Kingdom Death Twilight Knight

The Kingdom Death line has done nothing but impress me, and the Twilight Knight was no exception.
Other than a bendy sword I couldn't un-bendy, the mini ranks high among the best PVC minis I've worked with (probably my other favorite is Sedition Wars's Kara Black), though I'm still very happy KD went with better plastic.

This was from the sale Kingdom Death had on their extra PVC minis, which was just too good to pass up (so some of you may know what's coming in the near future).

I felt like the Knight needed some more color, but something richer like a red wouldn't fit such a bleak setting, so I went with the blue in a bit of her cloth and handle, and mixed it into the grey of her cloak, and only a little warmth in her hair and the gold. The base got a similar, dry and bleak treatment, forgoing any life (plants, bits of statues, etc).

I'm starting to develop the aesthetic of my version of the Kingdom Death environment, and looking forward to working on the kickstarter, whenever that shows up...

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