Monday, March 10, 2014

"I Refuse to Appear on Television, Except on Television" Rasputina crew, again

In the same trend as my recent Sonna crew, this is the third iteration of my Rasputina crew.

I felt like I rushed the lighting when I re-did this crew for an urban setting, and added more blending and warmth to the light.

This is still my favorite iteration of Rasputina, though the new plastic one looks quite nice. I'm looking forward to seeing her new avatar, since I was never very happy with the old one's model.

The gamin series is still one of my least favorite sets of Malifaux models, with the exception of the metal gamin, which avoided the cartoonishly large heads.

The December Acolyte has a really nice feeling, excited to see what they're doing with the new pack of these guys, too.

The Wendigo strikes again! This time, with nice lighting instead of weird yellow and blue stuff. Cute li'l fella's gonna' eat yer face.

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