Friday, August 29, 2014

Workin' in a Soul Mine - Arcanist Constructs and Mei Feng WIP

The rugged construct look is probably my favorite aesthetic in the Arcanists.

The Soulstone Miner was the first that I think fit that look, and happened to be Wyrd's first resin mini I got. I was pretty happy with it, but it just felt a bit bland until I went through the anal-retentive process of highlighting every single one of the holes in it to show an internal glow, which I think did the trick.

The Metal Gamin are without a doubt my favorite of the Gamin family in Malifaux, which I always felt looked a bit spindly and just like little weird sprites rather than having been made out of anything.

Again, I felt the glow did a lot of the job selling these guys.

I don't often show WIP's unless things are really big projects, but here's Mei Feng. I liked everything about her, except the awkward "sheet" of wood she was splintering through- I couldn't really tell what it was supposed to be, or if it was being crashed through or magically exploding up, so I gave it some context by making it part of some old scaffold structure. Other than the ridiculous size (she's closer to the size of an Avatar than a 30mm Master), I'm quite pleased with it.

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