Monday, December 19, 2016

Little Things Hitting Each Other! - Silver Tower Familiars and Dwarf

I like the familiars, a lot. I think they have quite a bit of charm, and even if they're not original (the book and moon headed guy are updates; the Skeksis is a common Tzeentch bit; the fish guy is at very least basically from a Mordheim drawing, if it never had a model), they're still a lot of fun.

Slop, the fish, is actually one of my favorite models in Silver Tower, and of any small models. I didn't give it a particularly elaborate paint job, but it was still quite fun to paint. I've come to learn that I actually often prefer simpler model designs over the more textured ones.

Since these guys are basically characters, but for some reason there are 2 of each (well, other than the obvious, that they came on a sprue there were 2 of), I decided to basically invert the color schemes, so half had skin like Blue Horrors and the other half were like Pink Horrors.

Also, the 2 Blots (books) got little drawings with a particularly thin pen. I could have done it in paint, but decided that all I'd gain is pride, and that the pen really was a better implement for detailing on that scale. (Protip: it's fine to use media you have available to you!)

Okay. The name "Fyreslayer Doomseeker" just has me wincing every time. He's a dwarf. Or possibly a Trollslayer, like that iconic unit that was there for most of WHFB's history, and one of their longest-running spinoff novel series was named. That's all. Not this crazy new nonsense.

I feel that a lot of the Age of Intellectual Property stuff just goes too far and in making up silly words and spellings, it looses some of the heart it had. Or maybe it's just nostalgia, and it it was always branding and they're just better at it now. I dunno.

Either way, the new dwarf aesthetic has some nice armor details, but I find something kind of obscene about a dwarf covered in gold tattoos and baubles and a giant helmet and even more giant beard and mohawk with two weapons that are taller than him, with a loin cloth and clearly no pants.

For whatever reason, possibly just that they were kind of old and therefore forgivably silly, the old, less-detailed iteration seemed far more less of a stretch. Maybe it's because they looked more like short berserkers than this gaudy affair.

I'm happy with his metallics, but still find the model a bit much.

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