Friday, April 3, 2015

Good News, Everyone!! - Gremlin Easter models

So, uh, yeah. Easter-themed Gremlins were a thing a few years back, and these two sat in my "to do" box until I recently started getting into the faction.
The War Rooster came before the new Rooster Riders so it's technically a War Pig by strict adherence to the rules, but it seemed like a less-confusing proxy to count as a creepy rooster as a rooster than a creepy rooster as a boar.

I actually think it feels closer to Terry Gilliam's version of the Jabberwock, regarding a grotesque monster with an absurd head, and a bit of a dark fairy-tale sensibility.

While a lot of people don't like this poor, misunderstood critter, I've always felt like Gremlins really pushed the envelope regarding a creepy horror sense to their slapstick, so I feel like it fits in perfectly with my darker feeling of the faction.

Even though he's a bit dark, I'm quite happy with how the Egg Hauler came out. I think there's something dreary and pathetic about how all the older Slop Haulers look, particularly where they used to be much more doomed than a staple.

I decided to keep the Easter thing as minimal as I could (considering what he was wearing), with just the blue as anything out of the ordinary, and him standing on some lonely dock.

(He's got eyes somewhere in there, the shadow just completely obscured the color...)

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