Tuesday, August 11, 2015

L-O-L-A, Lola... Butcher and other axe-wielding friends

The first generation of Warcasters are still some of my favorites.

Along with the Butcher's bloody axe, I thought it was fairly fun that his giant gauntlets were also bloodied, like sometimes he forgot efficiency when hating on enemies of the Motherland.

Also, the character was really great with the first, less-codified sensibility WM first had, like the Sentinel as a based on some improvised last-ditch effort, some of the various references to things not being optimal and, in this case, the Butcher's armor being cobbled from a warjack (menite, by the look of those shoulder spikes).

It took a pretty heavy repose to get this guy looking... not derpy. I love the shield, though am not such a fan of the ridiculous cannon that'd break his arm.

Possibly my favorite Escalation expansions (...after Magnus & co.), I was really glad when 2nd edition came out and this guy became more viable.

Another set of heavy conversions, the original heavy infantry. I loved the sergeant but felt the rest of the guys looked so bland. So, I hacked at them 'til they matched. Also, more pelts.

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