Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BugsBugsBugs! Myth Crawlers and miniatures review

I jumped on the Myth bandwagon a bit late, but the line has been fun to paint.

The Terror With 1,000 Legs was a pretty cool one- being a boss, I took a bit more time blending it.

I first thought of the Crawlers as spiders, but the more I painted them, the more I realized they were much closer in sensibility to insects than arachnids, despite their signature 8 eyes. It was a nice change of pace to do something on a more cartoony side than the darker side.

Miniatures Review
(I'll be doing a rules review in a later post.)

Myth minis are made out the more and more common "restic"/ hard plastic/ PVC plastic that's been on the rise in miniatures and board games.

The smooth surfaces make the minis pretty easy to clean, since there aren't many areas where there's texture along mold lines.

The bases are textured with a kind of wavy sand pattern with some rocks, which is nice enough except that the minis come pre-assembled and, in the case of the Crawlers and some of the heroes, the tabs on their bodies didn't fill the holes, and even on the ones that do have tabs (such as the Grubbers (Orcs)) aren't textured to match, which I find a bit annoying. Also, the Crawlers' legs don't quite fit on their bases. However, the minis were assembled well enough: probably above-average in the pre-assembled sets.

There's decent variety of minis, with a few different versions of the Grubbers (which makes sense, since they're individuals instead of just bugs). The Captains are all large enough that anyone who cares enough about the hobby end of things could do some conversion work- I plan to do some basic weapon swaps to vary the minis up. The only frustrating minis were the two types of basic Crawlers: the ranged variety is marginally smaller and has limps instead of bumps on their heads, making them very hard to distinguish without paint, especially since they're little guys so they appear in bulk.

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