Monday, November 10, 2014

...All the Live-Long Day - Rail Crew

I really enjoyed the variety in these models' gear, despite their somewhat static poses.

The first guy got a pretty generic period appearance (minus the robot leg). With the center guy, Manchurian cue (the braid) made him pretty obviously Chinese, and I ended up giving him a bit of a brighter look than the normally navy top associated with the stereotypical Chinese Rail Worker, mostly as a nod to the combination of Ten Thunders and Arcanist factions in his colors. The Third worker got a Japanese look- for some reason, he reminded me of historical photographs of Japanese laborers and soldiers from the early 20th century. His headband was a fun little bit, either as a symbol of his nation or as a coincidental wound.

I'd also like to note, since I haven't done it elsewhere, I believe, that Wyrd's Ten Thunders faction was really nicely executed, in my opinion. There's a strong variety of Asian and Asian-related models that began with salvaging the awkward fan naming of a Chinese model with a Japanese name (that would be Misaki), without feeling like the faction got pigeon-holed as a mess of stereotypes.

This comes from a background as a Japanese-American, where I generally agree with the sentiment that Asians are underrepresented and/or narrowly represented in American media. (I'm thinking some day to expand this a bit, but for now this note will have to do. Also,  The Slanted Screen is a fairly good documentary on the subject.)

While Mei got a large tattoo, I thought Kang went well with just a purely utilitarian/industrial look instead of focusing on the martial arts/mob associations.

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