Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Aurora Unit 313 & Friends - Sedition Wars painting log, continued: Cthonian and Barker

Finally, I finished painting everything from the Battle for Alabaster set.

Barker was pretty fun to do, again I put some exaggerated source lighting on him.

I think I'm probably happiest with how his two guns came out, and the glow works well in contrast with the red underlighting.

The cthonian was pretty hard to figure out a color scheme for, so I decided adapt my Grendlr's color scheme to fit it.

I'm really liking the blue and warmer colors combined, so I'm planning on incorporating this look into all of my Strain models from now on, and feel that a little more color in both the models and the bases gives it some more interest.

Which brings me to the next bit- I decided, now that I'm more in to the game, that it's time I start refining some of the earlier paint schemes I laid down earlier. Not that I'll necessarily meet it, my next goal is to have the entire Battle for Alabaster set painted to a higher, more detailed standard (well, except for the characters, I'm happy with all of them).

I also did some freehand industrial grip on the floor, to try to vary up the texture, which I think worked out quite nicely, to use the same geometric elements in a different way.

I'm not going to be painting the second Cthonian or Grendlr for a while, since they represent unique entities (and there's no reason to have 2 Cthonians on the board at once: one is broken enough already), so I'll probably be going back and forth between the few resin SW minis I have and touching these up, until the second wave arrives.

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