Friday, January 18, 2013

Pet Rocks - My Trollblood collection, part 2 of 4

Continuing from last time, a trollblood collection wouldn't be complete without the ballsiest, crankiest, xenophobic(est) shaman of them all.

Horluk was one of my favorite early Trollblood models, since I saw his concept sketch. I didn't particularly like his dropped scroll (too chunky) but think he has some of the best detail

I originally went with a more traditional blue, along with regular metallics, but wasn't liking how it came out, so, around the time I started these guys, I had switched to both the yellow/ brown/ gold/ whatever you'd call it, along with non-metallic metal.

Since then, I learned to blend the skin color more efficiently, going from around 15 layers of mostly wasted blending, down to maybe six or so. I cut out black (and any blending with black) completely, and, for those who are interested, the blend goes from Bestial Brown to Bubonic Brown to Bleached Bone, with a lot of mixing along the way.*

My metallics have also gotten much more efficient. In both cases, I learned that many of the tones closer to black either don't need to be seen or don't need blending.

*after something like 10 years with the same colors, Games Workshop is going to need to add a lot more than "™" to the same paints for me to bother learning new names... sorry guys, there's a chart somewhere.

The Fellcaller is still one of the minis I'm least happy with in this collection, just 'cause I never felt I really got the fire looking right. I think I'd probably sculpt some fire coming out of his cone/standard... thing.

...I also might try to do something about his surf board.

What post on Doomshaper would be complete with a Dire Troll?**

Along with the Axer and Doomshaper, the Dire Troll Mauler was one of the early minis that sold me on the faction. I got a lot of mileage out of all of the muscle texture on the model, and, while I've decreased the number of steps involved in blending (see the note above), I still use some of the concepts I figured out on this mini.

**It's okay, the question was rhetorical***

***...but the answer is always "none".

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