Tuesday, March 14, 2017

By the Book - gaunt Summoner and other Silver Tower Big Baddies

I love the look of the gaunt Summoner- he reminds me of mix of classic Chaos, GW's modern clean sculpting, and a splash or two of Del Toro puppets.

Despite trying to stick to a bright, clean color scheme with little in the way of effects for Silver Tower, I just couldn't resist the bright green flame and slightly exaggerated shadows to compensate. I'm quite happy with how the big bad came out, despite him taking just a little longer than I wanted and not being ready in time for the final scenario.

Another more stylized piece, I decided my pair of Skaven Assassin and his double would get a basically monochrome look, emphasizing their lurking presence in the dark, rather than a tangible, regular color scheme. I was going to use that to differentiate between the regular and double, but decided that I liked the look so much that I gave it to both of them.

On the other hand, I wasn't entirely happy with how my already posted Ogroid Thaumaturge's tattoo thingies looked, so I decided to brighten them up rather than leave them as basically just looking like recessed dark points.

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