Monday, September 7, 2015

Meat Sack - Night Lords Oblitarators

So... yeah. Obliterators took a bit of work to get them both to a point I liked and one I thought at least kinda' fit Night Lords.

At first I was kind of opposed to them being NL since they tend to avoid heavy guns, but if you look at it in the larger perspective, they're just oversized terminators, which are presumably a lot sneakier than tanks and, with deep striking, they're certainly fast for what they need to do, and are reasonable to think of as shock troops.

But I also think that Obliterators aren't very nice looking models, nor do they fit Night Lords very well aesthetically. I think that replacing the ugliest, chunkiest bits with a little sleeker parts went a long way. The kind of dull and thin skin color I think made them fit in while still avoiding the look (which I don't really like) of metal for some reason being flexible, rather than the more justifiable ornamentation you can write most off as.

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