Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Workers are Revolting! - Deathwatch Overkill Genestealer Aberrants and Hybrids

Yeah, yeah, I know, hardly a new pun...
The Genestealer Hybrids have been a pretty fun new trick to learn to paint, and have most notably handled how I've approached a dark NMM with my Dark Souls painting: part of why I started painting everything NMM also with a bunch of atmospheric effects was because I felt it was so unbelievable for something to have natural lighting, and then have an influential light source. More often than not, lights look bright because of their context.

So, as I learned particularly through a bajillion Kingdom Death models done in OSL, a darker midtone will get something that makes that light source stronger.

With the Hybrids, I started playing with that approach: the white highlights are actually much brighter than the red-orange ones, but without that brighter midtone, they still come across as darker areas.

For whatever reason, I keep shooting the Genestealer Aberrants in ways that make them look weird... I mean, unintentionally weird. Well, I'll probably try again some other time, but for now, these in-bred super mutants can live with being a little ugly.

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