Thursday, February 28, 2013

Never Know What Hit 'Em - Sedition Wars, Operator Akosha

This was a bit of an experiment...

I tried a few different things--

First, I attempted a white light from the left of the model (Over her shoulder) with a slight red under-lighting from the strip lights in the base, but felt that it looked too bland-- I wanted all of my SW heroes to pop, and a better painted regular look wasn't going to cut it.

Next, I tried just the red under-lighting, but felt that it took too much of the detail.

Finally, I brightened up the red with a little orange, and added some blue highlights in the dark area. From here, I played with the face a lot-- harsh red underlighting made her look a bit like she was playing Darth Maul from that movie which, despite all efforts, resides in my memory. I'm still not perfectly happy with her face, but think that it works well enough, and was happy enough with the glow that, for now at least, I'm done.

As a note, you may notice that, with Akosha, I tied a much cooler teal, to contrast the red lighting, and to emphasize her as a cyborg rather than human.

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