Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Magic from Within - Kingdom Death White Speaker and Snow the Savior

Two pretty diametrically opposed KD ladies, today.

I quite enjoyed working on the White Speaker, above, and went with a very simple scheme of a brownish red light dominating the model, with the sharply opposed teal hair. Looking at it now, I'm pretty darn sure I was unconsciously responding to Moebius's Incal palate. While thematically they wear white, I thought that was a bit boring, and decided to instead focus on their blood magic.

Snow the Savior is about as far away as you can get stylistically from the White Speaker, being a much more modestly dressed girl without any of the dramatic posing or even really much stylized at all in the sculpt. Continuing with the subtlety of the sculpt, I went for almost no source lighting, mostly just gloomy look, with a little pale blue light mostly emanating from her head.

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