Friday, February 28, 2014

Try, Try again. Sonnia Criid crew + avatar, redux

So, I just wasn't satisfied with my previous iteration of Sonnia's crew.

Sonnia got a black coat, which, while less fun/Western, showed the OSL much better. Which brings me to...

...the Avatar of Conflagration- she got new hair and her black coat, and otherwise just some minor touch ups. The coat looks better because of the realization I made above; the hair looks better because I didn't do it at like 2:00AM.

Her totem hasn't actually changed at all- the only model I was happy with on the first pass. I'm just including him, since the rest of the crew is here...
The Witchling Stalkers look better, I'm still not sure I'm happy with them. An improvement that might get an improvement.

Sam probably saw the most change, making everything about him much darker, though sticking with the same brown top and red pants.

Finally, all of the models bases were matched to Tara's style, since I was happier with that look.

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