Monday, November 16, 2015

No. 26... No. 26... - Malifaux Dreamer model

So, I'd actually been thinking about this guy for more than a year now, when it came time to execute.

I didn't like much about the Dreamer model, despite loving the oversized Nightmare edition Lord Chompy Bits he came with (the model that finally got me in to Malifaux). He was static and not really doing anything very interesting. I eventually had the idea of the brick tornado sort of "eye of the storm" thing, but then that continued to sit there unpainted despite LCB having been done ages back.

It was getting towards Wyrd's annual halloween contest, so I finally jumped in and started. I got maybe 80% done, and it still wasn't fitting. Then, at some point, I glanced at my bookshelf and its half-foot of Akira comics and inspiration struck. A slight forward head tilt changed him from a bland pose to a sullen, defensive, spooky psychic kid.

And at that point, the rest fell into place easily, as I made a loose reference to Takashi of the Numbers, whose agency I always thought was a bit overlooked.

He took second place in the magic user category, which I'm happy with, given a few nights' work and a year on the back burner.

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