Wednesday, August 5, 2015

(Re)recruitment Drive - Khadoran Winterguard & co.

...And thus begins the glorious re-painting of my old Khadoran winter theme...
The original hunchbacked Winterguard Infantry looked pretty awkward- I gave them necks, beards, bulkier hats, and, while I was at it, since their heads were off, I took  the time to change their poses a bit. Only one of the Rocketeers is the original- the other pair are converted so there's some more variety in pose.

What Winterguard Infantry would be complete without jolly old Kovnik Grigorivich and his pushing them well outside the bounds of what cheap infantry can do?

This dude is still one of my favorite solos in the game, despite needing a rock to stand on so he doesn't look like he lost his footing.

And rounding out the forces, one of the only pieces of light artillery I'd actually take, the Winterguard Mortar

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