Friday, November 4, 2016

Rekindled - Tzeentch Horrors

I'd always liked the splitting theme with the Horrors, so I was pretty excited to see this mechanical element finally return after (I'm pretty sure) more than a decade of absence.

I completely understood the simplification, since it meant a smaller model range and fewer weird rules, but Horrors have gone through some pretty disappointingly bland phases over the years, with a little interest in the last metal edition which redefined Horrors, Flamers, and (I believe) added Screamers, though still not very exciting mechanics.

I was a bit disappointed to see the chunkier, less "surrealistic horror" vibe return in the plastic Horrors, but then these nice little characters came out, and much was forgiven in not only returning the original Blue Horror mechanic, but expanding on it with the Brimstone Horrors. They're not the toughest of baddies in Silver Tower, but they're still pretty fun, since there are a little more than average strategic options, managing the baddie quantities.

I also was dissatisfied with my Kairic Acolytes, so they got a bit of a clean up:

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