Monday, October 12, 2015

Hatchet Women - Arena Rex Zephyri

For those of you who read my review a little bit back, you got a preview of Frigge already (and thanks for reading!). Obviously, the emphasis was her freehand shield.

I wanted to go with a different feel for this, with it basically looking like fresh wood and quickly painted, rather than some old relic. It's a fairly simple shield and not heavily reinforced, so my thought was that it was probably wrecked and remade after worse fights, and being a gladiator, there's no reason it would see more obvious wear from weather, since it's in storage when not in a fight.

An interesting mini with a confusing name (that would be Bjarrhvit: "Bharh'vit... Byarhivit...Bzharvit?" I've got no clue how to pronounce it).

I had a lot of fun trying for a warm off-white for her pelt. , and generally enjoyed working with the model, except her face, which has some sort of weird issue, IDK if it was a mold problem or a sculpting problem, but it was a little strange.

However, I've found it extremely rare to have a bulky (not smallest base type) female model that isn't in some sort of power suit or riding something or maybe a monster, so kudos to Red Republic for bucking the trend and doing a regular old heavyweight lady who's ready to stomp up and punch you with an oversized katar thing.

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