Monday, November 9, 2015

Old Skool - Vladimir the Dark Prince of Umbrey & Iron Fangs

Vlad always had a cool, classic Dracula feel, to me. The dark red & gold's a nod to the blood knight sort of vibe and of course Khador's standard red.

Speaking of which, that's probably my favorite part of Khador- it's the only army that I think really kept to its roots over the years. It keeps the original dichotomy of modern, steampunk shock troops and gun toting conscripts balanced well with the retro knights and woodsmen.

The red and gold is also a nod to my old Protectorate of Menoth army, being a re-interpretation of the same color mixes, and tying him with the old faith as implied here and there.

The dragon insignia is actually a very loosely interpreted reference to Vlad the Impaler's crest, due to the obvious connection with vampire folklore.

With the structural similarities, I thought of the Iron Fangs as a house guard for Vlad, giving them a simpler version of the same dragon crest and a less subtle version of the same colors. I re-sculpted their armor as leather instead of chain mail, and gave them a few more feathers and pelts, referencing Vlad's connection with the Old Witch.

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