Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kinda' running out of references, here... Sedition Wars ALIENS homage models

Man, almost done...

To tell you, the reader, the truth, I'm kinda' burning out on Sedition Wars minis. I've painted a little over 120 pieces for the game, and it's making me a little nuts.

I've still got the doors and Vanguard strategic points, which will be a bit of a push and I'll probably break out the airbrush for those, but then it's smooth sailing from there, with a bunch of characters, which are always more fun.

I'm happy with Ramirez, though wish I had done a better job on Ridley, just because Ripley is one of my favorite characters ever- some day, I'll probably get another copy of her and really do her character justice.

The classic heavy-handed commentary
that spawned one of the longest-running
crossover series around.
However, if you haven't read, there's a new Aliens vs. Predator minis game coming out, which may do the trick... that one will really depend on which areas it focuses on. I love the Xenomorph series (yes, even the fourth one, because Ron Perlman, Dominique Pinon, weird Sigourney Weaver, and Jean-Pierre Jeneut make up for squishy white skull alien) and the original AvP comic miniseries, but find just about everything else in the combined franchises average to terrible.

Tangent aside, the rules for these two minis.

Dr. Susan Ridley has about the stats of a doctor. And, by that, I mean, a non-combatant. She mostly has worse stats than a Samaritan (that effectively costs less than half her cost), and a whole bunch of abilities rendered useless by her inability to fight. She might be useful in an objective grab, but that's about it. I'd never recommend her, and expect to mostly use her as a stand-in Samaritan.

Sgt. Ramirez, on the other hand, is basically pure gold. She's a slightly more expensive Reaver, but with better health, the same or slightly better versions of their abilities, and two bonus ones: Target Solution doesn't remove target marks, which is fantastic with her high rate of fire, and Reaver Frame is a nice little bonus to damage, enough that she has a good chance of one-shotting medium-weight Strain. She's everything I'd expect in a character Reaver. She's slightly underpriced compared to regular Reavers, but I think they're overpriced, so she's at a very good cost.

With my new techniques for painting Strain, I was quite happy with how these turned out, and became more certain of my need to retouch my old Strain to match (burn out notwithstanding).

Ridley-Form is pretty weak and basically a worse form of the powerful Quasimoto you'd be able to spawn for the same cost. However, this is made up for by a very high defense against reflex and the ability to pump out a huge amount of nano for a phase 2 model. Unfortunately, it'll be very hard to create one, since Ridley is a poor choice to take, to begin with (meaning you won't see her often), and she's fairly good at killing herself.

Ramirez-form is similarly kind of like a weak Stalker or a Revenant with a bunch of abilities. She's (?) situationally useful if you manage to spawn her near a group of models to pin down and infect; otherwise, I'd probably tend towards another phase 2, since she neither has the speed of a Stalker nor the ranged ability of a Quasimoto.

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