Thursday, June 20, 2013

* Cue _Tarantino_ Score * Malifaux Viktoria Crew

Malifaux substitutes Blackwater Gulch's consistency and historical setting with style and badassery.

The Ronin are some great minis, and some of my favorite non-character models from any line. They were from Wyrd's simpler days, but I think the models hold up extremely well. I put a few extra details on them to give them a flourish, and really enjoyed painting these.

The Viktorias were a fun little story, that started out as one model and an alternate sculpt.

I painted up the doppelganger with the same colors, but added just a little purple for the reference to her Neverborn origins.

Like the Ronin, sword Vik got some extra flourishes on her scabbard.

Neither Bishop nor Johan are my favorite sculpts, since they both have kind of silly poses, but I do appreciate that there's some degree of equal-opportunity skin showing, i.e. Wyrd didn't decide it was just the ladies who'd be half-nekkid.

Taelor is also a favorite of mine. While her sport bra or whatever is silly, I think just about every other part of the model is great, with some really nice posing and detail.

Taelor and Johan had the same magic (or whatever... I forget) hammers, so I gave both of theirs the same sort of obsidian look.

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