Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mobile Command Convertible - Astral Claws Rhinos and Variants

So, until my Astral Claws graduate to larger scales of games, my footslogging characters will be riding around in this guy.

I'm pretty happy with this mix of richer golds and blues with dreary grays and browns. As my games get larger, I expect this will eventually be demoted to a Sternguard transport or something like that, but, either way, I wanted something snazzy that was a bit more dramatic. Also, since it's a Diemos variant, I thought I'd put a bit more effort into it.

I honestly have no idea where the shrine skull turret thingy is from, but the radar dish is off the Land Raider Crusader sprue, with just a little cutting so it fit. Either way, the radar assembly will be representing the Primaris or Forgeworld command rhinos.

The Razorback above is unmodified, other than of course the lightest of kitbashes, combining Diemos and the standard kit.

This one's just an update of my previous version, cleaned up generally and to remove the yellowish wear/dust effect that I abandoned when I switched to a more industrial environment/base style.

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