Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Craaaww! - Silver Tower Tzaangors

I have a particular love-hate relationship with these Tzaangors.

I think they're some of the most innovative models GW's put out in quite some time. Despite their feral base, they're pretty elegant looking. I think they did a great job capturing the Beastmen, mutation, Tzeentch, and avian aesthetics. I love the great axe guy's head, creepy teeth under the beak and all, and think the rest of the models' anatomy is solid.



The trim on these models is just a complete chore to paint. Awful. Everywhere. Wobbly. In recesses. Trim within trim ("Blue within blue..."). I tried to do a quick job painting since it got so tedious, but it looked horrible. For a company that prides/advertises itself on model design and in a kit that's a core/starter, this was just a bad choice in my opinion. It reminded me of everything that makes painting a Chaos Space Marine army a chore, and why my main force was in ages past had been the far sloppier Nurgle (fun to convert, easy to paint, lots of character). Also, both my 2x hand weapon guys' weapons had broken in the box, which indicated a flaw in the sprue.

Oh. It's also kinda' neat that beastmen finally got back into 40k, though, for the above reasons, I don't think I'll be getting any. Also, their beaks aren't as good looking.

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