Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Join the Mob, Join the Mob! It's All Over. - Dark Vengeance Chaos Cultists

 I've been pretty thoroughly impressed by Games Workshop's snap fit minis for the last few years, and their Cultists are no exception.
Despite some mirrored poses, they managed to get a pretty good variety here. I cut a few bits, did a few weapon swaps, and called it good.
The set goes with my small Night Lords collection, so I gave them all pretty pale skin, tried to keep blue and black as dominant colors, and "shaved" their heads for that pale, bald aesthetic.

Playing a decent amount of Black Crusade, this set also gave a lot of fodder for use as both chumpy minions and chumpy baddies. Just like they're chumpy grunts in 40k.

I think my only complaint with the set is, I think it would have been nice if they'd made a multipose heavy/champion set along with the monopose grunts, so there were more options than just the basic squads available in Dark Vengeance (which would have been nice for Black Crusade (again) and for some more options Forge World's Renegade line.

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