Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is Gigeresque a Word? - Space Hulk Genestealer Set

Space Hulk is still one of the best things Games Workshop has ever made (...three times).

It took me a ton of agonizing over the color scheme before I was happy with the look... this is actually the fourth or fifth iteration of my Tyranid scheme (the previous one I previewed here being what I thought was final).

It was actually a recent commission where I finally hit the purple right, and this is the third iteration. Other than darkening it a little, I lifted the colors off of the riders' lance arm pretty directly. I've found that a couple washes of purple and 2:1 purple:black over flesh tones get a strong but not overly saturated (cartoony) or grey (dull) purple.

Sorry about the next ones bleeding over the sidebar... Google didn't like me resizing the image/thumbnail.

Having finally finished all 23 Genestealers... I'm proud of getting that level together for a set this size, but it certainly wasn't exciting after getting the colors right.

I expect to go into more detail in the future, but Space Hulk is a marvel of gaming minimalism. The models are quite dynamic for the simplicity of the 1-3 (snap together) pieces each consists of, and the rules are very basic by any miniature game standard, but are highly engaging/tense.

Oh, and a fun group shot. In case you didn't know, GW patented, registered, trade marked, and, in fact created the concept "cinematic." This one's for you, Monolith!

Off to paint some more Blood Angels!

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