Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tech (Battle-)Bros - Deathwatch Overkill Salamancers and Iron Hands

In many ways, the Deathwatch army conceptually has just about everything I want in Marines (not to mention its origins in Artemis, a character I've rambled about as a model with honest-to-goodness symbolism behind his construction). I haven't given my fledgeling collection enough love, so, here are a couple more of them.

Carran Branatar has a just plain great look. I think he does a solid job capturing a Salamanders feel, a unique terminator look, and (mostly) capturing the Deathwatch look. I can forgive the backwards bayonet of sticking an underslung gun on a bludgeoning weapon, though it probably would have been better if the barrel didn't extend past the weapon.

If the Salamanders had been developed as much as they are now, I'd have probably done them as my army of choice back in the day, but now at least I get to play around with one in my collection. Branatar will probably get a buddy or two from his chapter, down the line.

Sorrlock's pretty cool, too. I tried to give him a very cold, minimal light, in a bit of a severe look, with his gun as the only real point of color on the whole thing. If I can find a spare down the line, I think his body would make a great veteran or tech character, in another army.

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