Thursday, August 14, 2014

Big Guns... - Astral Claws / Tiger Claws devastators and tactical marines

Continuing with my retro Tiger Claws/Astral Claws.

I'm a big fan of the crazy old missile launchers that look more on the sci-fi end of things than the modern but chunky look. I also generally hugely prefer the old, varied devastator poses to the really bland shoulder-only 2nd edition ones: I'm glad the current style is closer to the RT style than the interim one.

Also, a few veterans/sergeants (well, not the meltagunner) that are starting to flesh out the retro part of the army, including the ancient predecessor to modern Marine helmets. (With the eventual goal of incorporating them into my main army, the meltagunner is going in my growing Sternguard element.)

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