Friday, January 10, 2014

Good, Bad, I'm the Guy with the Gun. Fallen Dark Angel test model. Also, recommendations?

The Dark Angels have always been one of my favorite elements of 40k.

There was always something so brooding and heavy about them, both aesthetically and thematically, with suggestions of glory and history. Unfortunately, I feel that the newer Dark Angels models, much like a lot of the Space Marines, have gotten too much bling.

I'd had the idea of larger, heavier Chaos Space Marines for a long time, but ultimately decided my main CSM force would be Night Lords, which didn't really suit that.

Fortunately, GW decided to release an overpriced set of rules for an old favorite (Cypher), which I expect to eventually acquire but, in the mean time, I'm enjoying putting together a unit and Cypher.

I feel like the conversion really fits a more spartan and ancient look, that suits the ambiguity of the Fallen regarding their motives and true allegiance, not going with the over the top mutated or spiky look. I also wanted to try something that include the main visual look of Dark Angels without going with the monk look.

So, this guy is what I came up with- I'll be basing him in the same style as the rest of the unit, but am not sure what to equip them with. However...

I'm not sure how to equip the unit I'll be building for Cypher. I'm planning a single, full squad, but haven't gotten past the test model. What would you recommend?

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