Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hammernator! - Space Hulk terminators, con'td.

I wish all my terminators fought as hard as Sergeant Gideon...

Seriously, that shield can hold a flank for turns on end. I think he lasted something like 15 genestealers last time I played Space Hulk. Also, he's one of my favorite terminator sculpts ever.

Terminators in ye olde 40k are so "meh"... never made sense to me how a high volume of terrible guns is often the way to down these guys with their tank armor. Then again, you can grenade tanks to kill them but that won't do much to 2+ saves... so, IDK... inconsistencies.

Also, I guess there are two other terminators in that picture. They both have sensitive gear in their giant punch fists, which I find silly, and less cool. Also, they die a lot because they have boring gear and not magic shields.

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