Monday, February 8, 2016

Om-Nom - Kingdom Death Screaming Antelope and Bone Armor survivors

For being about as powerful, I find the Screaming Antelope so much more interesting than the Lion.

Along with being more interesting than a predator with slightly more hand-like paws,  it generally has a much more interesting risk-reward balance, where it's more likely for something horrible to happen, but also more likely to get a lot of resources off of one if you crit a lot. I find it way more interesting than just doing a lot of predictable damage.

A set of Bone Earrings very often makes it into our campaign, since it's very resource-light, and sacrificing a little armor and utility for a lot of power is worth it, especially when you don't have enough gear to equip the whole party, anyway.

This was a fun mini to convert, and I feel like KD encourages a departure from WYSIWYG (despite having a ton of part options) so this was my take on clothing that wasn't heavy enough to consider armor (again, going with a bone set).

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