Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Beginnings, New Ends

So, I decided to try painting up some Space marines I recently acquired, after the end to a long period of avoiding Games Workshop miniatures.

Hardly my first army*, Dark Angels were still my first playable army. So, I decided to try painting one again.

What it came down to, is I didn't like the green which, obviously, is a problem when painting primarily green armies.

I liked the gold and silver, so, while this project ended nearly as soon as it started, I identified what I liked.

I've decided to continue with Astral Claws, with the same lion theme, gold bits, and pride, with the advantage of having questionable loyalty (i.e. depending on "when" I'm playing them, I can choose to play them as loyalists or traitors).

*Let's see if I can remember them all (roughly in order, +'s mean they probably weren't playable above maybe 500 points, º's mean they were repainted from others):
Saim Hann+
Dark Eldar+
Silver Skulls+º
Some sort of chaos+
Dark Angelsº <---
Steel Legion
Ulthwe (regular eldar, The Damned, and Strike Forceº
Black Templars
Death Guard
Witch Hunters+
Lost and the Damned (expanded from Death Guard, cannibalized most of the above Guard plus some new ones)º

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