Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hunting the Hunters - Magnetized 2nd edition Predator Destrouctor/Annihilator

I'm a big fan of the versatility represented in the Predator builds, be it tank hunter or anti-infantry/light vehicle (though I'm not a fan of mixed weaponry).
I updated the old 2nd edition model with a bulkier front and a combination of of scratch built parts and more contemporary bits. Those exhaust vents inevitably were broken when I got the kit, so they saw replacements with a bulkier and more modern look.

I also added the second set of weapons, with heavy bolters converted from the old 2nd edition Devastators', and a scratch-built autocannon.

Being a 2nd edition mini, it's a fun weird place where it fits as Astral Claws and Tiger Claws, so I put neither chapter marking explicitly on it.

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