Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Have a little Faith - Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Sigmarite Heroes

Okay, the Stormcast have grown on me a little.

I still think they look kind of like pudgy fantasy space marines and that that's probably what was intended (minus the pudgy), and it's kind of disappointing that they weren't more creative about it.

But, my Knight Questor was pretty fun to paint- the color scheme works (with personal slight modifications), and the sculpt was pretty good. As usual, GW did fabric nicely if not very realistically. Solid B+.

For the Excelsior Warpriest, I decided to try doing a very similar paint job, reorganized a little to match the materials, since they're both certainly extremely close to their deity of choice, and looked nice together.

I personally much prefer the old Empire style of humans, and the Mordheim Witch Hunter and Mercenary models will generally be what I think of when I think humans from WHFB, but Mordheim is generally what I think of when I think about GW fantasy models I like. Some day, I might take a stroll down that very nostalgic lane and play again-- that game's rule books are some of the only things I saved from my earlier GW days when I was purging my collection.

The Gryph-hound is a very fun little model, even if mine can't roll to save its little helper life in Silver Tower and ends up being more of a nuisance than an assistant so often that it's become a running joke.

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