Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Steampunk Smaaash! - Malifaux Friekorps Strongarm Suit

An atmospheric piece I entered in a competition a bit back.

The Strongarm is a very cool kit, and I decided to do something pretty over the top for it: I started with the flying bricks on the base, which were raised a half-inch or so to compensate for the lost height in the pose. The tubes are sculpted on, since the model is second hand and was missing those, but I think it added some interesting movement to the piece. Finally, a very late-game addition (I'd already started painting the model) was the changed faceplate- the original tube-y thing just didn't look interesting enough, so I scrapped it.

On the paint job , I went with a bit of a cartoony look, to compliment the comic book pose, and felt the blue added a lot of nuance to the more drab steampunk colors.

I was a bit disappointed by the competition, not only because I was hoping to win, but because none of the models I expected to be the ones likely to match or beat mine were, either, which felt like a double let-down, because I was interested to see how they placed too.

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