Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wilderness Training - Khador Irregulars

It's not often that I include more personal stuff, but an interesting little bit of my family history- one of my my great uncles was actually a sharpshooter in the Russian army during WWII.

Being Jewish, when he was conscripted, among other things, the Russians decided basically to combine the two hated groups of being Jewish and being a sniper of some sort. So, one mission, he was assigned a scouting mission, and, given his position, he just kept going.

On the minis, the Widowmaker captain might be my favorite model from Warmachine's first book. I have a lot of nostalgia for that era of the game, where, even though things weren't very well balanced compared to the current form of the game, I really liked the charm of skirmishes, things not always working, and character in models. I liked the game setting because it wasn't epic. (It's also probably why I like Magnus the most still, since he's still narratively a skirmisher rather than a general, most of the time.)

The manhunter's a pretty fun, kinda' cartoony guy. One of the first solos that could really wreck something.

I had a lot of fun with the idea of warjacks the equivalent of tanks, as a mix of mass-produced industry (with a unit designation) and eventual customization by their (mechanik) crews.

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