Monday, September 22, 2014

Better, Stronger... slower. A delayed update to my Magnus force. Also, a new look for the site.

I decided it was around time for a couple upgrades...

While Magnus's mini was okay, it didn't have the contrast or volume I wanted, and despite this photo getting a little blown out, I'm much happier with the age and volume I got in his armor and face, which were the focuses of this revision.

Similarly, I felt it was time to update my site's look, which had also been functional but not snazzy, so you're seeing the first post in the new style. I gave everything a cleaner look, and illustrated a new background. While my old look was okay, it was awfully template-y, so I'm much happier with something more individual.

Continuing with minis, though:
Croe's Cutthroats used to be winter themed, but got a new look with my new base style, and I think the underbrush really suits them- I think they've got a bit of a desperado look, which goes well with the steampunk thing better than plain-old assassins. Also, they got a little greenstuff work.

At one point I'd wanted to do the full 10-man unit, but they're just too expensive in-game to be worth it, so the sneaky squad won't be bulking out to a full unit.

While I can't really say "as usual" since I haven't updated things in a bit, as I used to do, these pics will be added to my Magnus tactics writeup...

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