Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Never Gonna' Keep me Down - Malifaux Resurrectionists - Forgotten Marshal and Bête Noire

I really don't like the standard Forgotten Marshal. Mostly the part where it makes no sense that he's missing a coffin. What, does he keep the zombie that falls out in his pocket? His Hat?

Well, lucky for me, Miss Terious has a proper zombie hand sticking out of her coffin, and I had one I didn't know what to do with (having plenty of Death Marshals already), so all I really needed to do with her was give her a hand referencing her melee attack, swapping out the stylish but confusing axe.

Bête is an interesting design, and I might end up photographing her again, since this is awfully dark, but, either way, I decided I didn't like her older color scheme I'd done, and associated her more closely with Tara, giving her a much darker version of the same black and white scheme I'd given the Void creatures she's associated with.

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