Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I've Got a Class-II Rating. - More Sedition Wars Vanguard, and some re-done pieces

So, I've been doing a lot of Sedition Wars, which means, as usual, I wanted to paint some more from the line.

Barker's Aphild Suit is a pretty fun kit. It didn't go together the best, but it was still fun to paint. I think the classic ALIENS loader yellow, plus the teal I use for energy stuff, meshed pretty well.

Some time ago, I decided I didn't feel like swapping weapons on Barker, so managed to get another copy in trade. My other version got the flamethrower, while this one got the lance.

As I was playing with the basic Samaritans a lot, I decided they'd finally get some customization. The bulk of them were originally painted en-masse, but the teal didn't match my current color, the bases were a little bland, and they were pretty nondescript infantry. The results of the revisions follow.

I think my favorites are the jolly roger and cap in the first row; the visor in the 3rd; and the tiger-striped grenade launcher on the bottom (extra points if you get the reference on that one).

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