Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The End of the Beginning, the Beginning of a New End - People of the Stars Continuation + painting

The Dragon settlement gave me the opportunity to play with a different aesthetic for Kingdom Death.

I wanted to avoid the entire lantern theme, with all of the light coming from the (unrealistic but cool-looking) cracked and glowing ground, and the magical light coming from the Tyrant and the settlement's elaborate armor and weapons.

In a continuation of my work with the other pinups giving them a bit more dignity, I sculpted a dress on to the dragon sacrifice mini instead of the bikini, and she got a knife instead of no weapon. The others just had minor modifications to accommodate their weapons.

All of these guys have some fun swagger and fashion, and unlike the often boring poses on regular survivors, I think that these, being from the super-settlement, have a bit more reason to look like stoic badasses.

Continued from our Redux settlement...

After hitting the option to found a new settlement or finish off a one going along okay, we decided that losing one old constellation guy was worth starting a new one with epic gear and some young-ish, strong survivors. And it's a great opportunity to explore parts of the game, so we decided to try that stuff we normally don't, like Collective Toil. Also, we wanted to see how much crazy gear we could get, like more than one Phoenix set or a Lantern set. Finally, it felt in-theme with our redo on the first year.

Lots of silly inconsistencies ensued with the flavor text and a re-started settlement, with speculations finding the second last-of-its-kind, or possibly the same guy after our friends died and he forgot about us in his old age. We ended up deciding we're the weird guys with a crazy foreign dialect of dragonspeak, which confuses our new overlord. Also, we started really well-prepared and had a few dragon artifacts, which would have also been pretty strange.

Year 1a
We fought an embarrassing level 1 lion. We got a shield master out of this, and an axe master who managed to clone herself with some magic juju.

Year 2a
We switched things up a lot, getting Collective Toil (unfortunately, the witch will land the year after our nemesis fight we want veterans in, IDK what to do there) and chose to make Graves (someone died from the toil).

Then we went to hunt a level 2 Antelope. Antelope because we were bored of hunting lions; level 2 because we wanted something more interesting.

On the hunt, one of our survivors lost most of their armor (points, not gear). We had an okay fight, and then lost our Constellation survivor due to forgetting high insanity problems when fighting antelopes (boo! bad trade!).

Year 3a
We then got hovel, and early, so with symposium were marching towards super kids. Currently at 3/10 innovations being ones we want, with 4 draws, so basically guaranteed to get good things.

We had an obnoxious hunt, losing 3 pieces of gear (accounting for something like 15 points of armor) and a bunch of survival. On top of that, we got some lame terrain. What a bad start.

Then we had a really rough fight that we just barely got out of with no casualties.

Year 4a
Then a fissure killed our veteran a year before he would have become a master, and lost one of our best bits of gear. That cycle sucked something horrible. In two hunts, we lost our two best veterans, and something like 15 resources' worth of gear.

Maybe some sort of cosmic retribution for starting over. Well, we got much closer to a regular campaign doing well than an epic one.

At least we got Inner Lantern for some more actions.

We then took relatively promising newbs and our cloned veteran to fight the Tyrant.

The fight went really easily, then in the aftermath...

Year 5a
-All our men couldn't go in the next fight
-Our veteran died in an obnoxious "gotcha!" moment when she gained her Constellation. Yep, still learning things to avoid.
-The witch hit two of our survivors with double penalties, and hit our strongest survivor with more strength and less accuracy
-four guys were killed by the Tyrant's caprice

Which meant that of our four veterans who got here, our two best, plus a clone, died.

At least we'd thought ahead enough to save for an innovation, and got Bloodline, which scored us some good kids.

We went out to fight an antelope, and decided to try the heavy shield again when we met another scary knight, since the first time we'd not really understood how the game worked (also, three of our guys got deafened). Then we just got hideously poor offensive luck, which would be really boring to recount, other than about a half-dozen traps, more double misses than I can remember (along with a pair of double ones and failing to wound twice with a sharp weapon when I needed a five), it Chowing Down for five health back, and getting the toughness buff from its infestation.

So, one of our better newbs was blinded, deafened, and got a broken leg- that was... not great. On the up side, three deaf guys might be the right padding for the witch.

...All in all, a pretty poor start to our new settlement.

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